¿Qué es Educación?


Spencer, Herbert: “El objeto de la educación es formar seres aptos para gobernarse a sí mismos, y no para se gobernados por los demás.”

Definitivamente es para sentarnos a pensar y a discutir …

6 thoughts on “¿Qué es Educación?

  1. Sara Shiguango

    I think that the purpose of education has changed with the evolution of society. For example, in the age of industrial revolution, the education was conceived as a way to transmit necessary knowledge to have a workforce. In this case, the education it based in behaviorism but nowadays there are others learning theories and this has produced a different vision of education. Then I believe that education in our time has the purpose of developing skills to understand all phenomena that around us in several contexts like social, political, ecological, philosophical and while more we enter in the process of education we are more near to understand all these phenomena.

  2. Lelsye Cunalata

    The education is fundamental from the initial stage for a child since it develops the intellectual, moral and affective capacity of the people according to the culture.
    Education is not only produced through the word, it is present in all our actions, feelings and attitudes.

    The study of education is called pedagogy, now we talk about the need to continue with educational processes beyond formal education.
    Education takes place under the guidance of educators (teachers), but students can also educate themselves in a process called self-taught learning.

  3. Mahe Pérez

    when you talk about education you can think many things about which is the best way to learnand and how to teach but education is more like that. The teacher should help the student to be critical and see the world in a different way.

    Teach them to be people who have a balance in their life, because nothing is good or bad because each person has his way of seeing life and that makes us human beings because we think different and act different.

    One of the best examples to know that a teacher did a good job is to see that a student was able to overcome his teacher.

  4. belensita juma

    It is important that the students search new methods of knowledge and if they students know that, they can learn in easy way, and they can improve their abilites in the different aspects in the society.


    According to education helps us to forge people with the skills necessary for a person to be better every day

  6. I think this phrase does not express what education really means because education is more than governing ourselves, for example, education for me is the process of facilitating learning, or acquiring knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits. And also, education is the key to help the development of our country and turn it into a world power and not only for having a good professional but for their own values.

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