Carreras de Educacion

Every time we face a group of students when we start a new cycle of education, we are placed in front of a number of human beings looking at you and expecting to learn something new from you; but, what is beyond those faces? What background do they have? What kind of customs do they practice?

Many teachers may not consider how important the context of students is and how it modifies the way they learn. Context is understood as the space, situations, representations that exist around a person or a place. Those factors may help a person, a teacher in our case, to define and understand a situation.

But, how can context affect the learning process? The answer relies in the fact that every person has its own background and of course their learning pace. A student who comes from a context where parents spend time reading, tend to have it as a custom and it becomes evident in the language used in class, or the knowledge applied to solve a problem in class.

Context is something that has to be considered not only for planning, but also when teaching. It surely helps us understand reactions, attitudes, responses and every manifestation inside schools.