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Every time we face a group of students when we start a new cycle of education, we are placed in front of a number of human beings looking at you and expecting to learn something new from you; but, what is beyond those faces? What background do they have? What kind of customs do they practice?

Many teachers may not consider how important the context of students is and how it modifies the way they learn. Context is understood as the space, situations, representations that exist around a person or a place. Those factors may help a person, a teacher in our case, to define and understand a situation.

But, how can context affect the learning process? The answer relies in the fact that every person has its own background and of course their learning pace. A student who comes from a context where parents spend time reading, tend to have it as a custom and it becomes evident in the language used in class, or the knowledge applied to solve a problem in class.

Context is something that has to be considered not only for planning, but also when teaching. It surely helps us understand reactions, attitudes, responses and every manifestation inside schools.


  1. belensita juma

    I think tha is very imporant the context of the students is and how modifies the way that they learn because the people have to relate in the differents situations, it depends a lot because the people have the knowledge to do a lot of things in another countries, travel meet new people or do another activities.

    • Patricio Lopez Logacho

      Maybe that`s what we need to do: travel more, meet (a lot of) new people, make some conversation, observe more details……. then we will have the big piture of our society.

      • belensita juma

        Is important to meet new people because they teach you all the importants thing of the differents languages, to know all about people of the different societies

        • belensita juma

          Also is useful travel because if you travel you can meet a lot, what is the differents way to say correctly in tehe differents countries

  2. It is important to me to take into account that the teaching staff must understand that the students who are located around their environment come from different contexts, which means that each one will have different rhythm of study, also it is necessary to take into account that each one Has its own essence, different skills which would reflect the way of behaving in the Educational Institution. In addition, the teaching figure plays a very important role, as it seeks somehow to become more aware of them and to look for different methods of teaching.

    • Patricio Lopez Logacho

      It’s a challenge, isn’t it? but not impossible, it needs just a little effort and determination.


    I think that when you are a teacher you can´t generalize, you know that you are infront of a different person because every student have a story and the teacher’s job is know the context of every student live and in this way you can try with each of them.

  4. Joselyn Jacome

    I´m agree with article becuase as an student the moment hat I begin a new educational age in my life I have scared and nervious at the moment that face with another people because I don´t know how they think or the customs that they have because every one have differents ideas and different customs. At this moment you know that you have to know and have to coexists with other people in the educational context.

    • Patricio Lopez Logacho

      And it is our job as teachers to make students feel comfortable enough in order to get the best of them.

  5. Gabriela Jinez

    It´s really important to know the customs and the culture that students have not only inside the classrooms but also in the university in special I think that teachers have to know this because it could be a good factor in the way that they to understand how to teach them , when they understand the problems that students have at the moment to study I think that they could improve the way to teach and also they could creat new forms of teaching, so I am agree and I think that is really important understand the context where the students develop.

  6. Mahe Pérez

    I think that when society change the way of thinking,we will change all the context for example the discrimination when a person come to another culture,speak another language,use another clothes,the others persons comment this ways, but no to help him totally the opposite to discriminate him because that’s what most people do.
    if I will be a teacher a want to change this situation and understand , when a new student whit this characteristics start in a school can learn about them,and teach others that no matter where you from or what is the job of your parents,all people learn each other every day.

  7. Estefania Lizeth Yanez Morales

    This text speaks about the importance which is the context of the family in order to have a better cultural capital since we instruct younger the qualities and defects that the person with the passing of time it acquires.
    Also talks about the importance of reading in our life would give it that helps us to be able to relate better and acquire new knowledge that helps us to project our ideas towards other contexts in a different way. This makes it through the family, since they are those who encourage their children and the teacher perfects it. Today we realize that in many of the students. There is no interest in books, and this generated problems when entering the universities.

      • Estefania Lizeth Yanez Morales

        From my point of view I think that young people who are in universities preparing us, for most the habit read in some US has become difficult since our schools do not have taught us that habit, so the vast majority of us have had to seek help to try to understand a reading comprehension which we seek help in aid centers for fast read that sometimes it is feasible and others do not.

  8. Fátima Rueda

    The context of the persons influences very much his education or learning, the being teachers is known by us to a persons’ big quantity who teach and contribute thoughts, experiences that enrich our lives. It is true we do not know that it is behind of his faces, of his life itself. But this it is one of so much pleasing experiences of the education, to teach and to learn mutually.

    • Patricio Lopez Logacho

      That’s how it works and that’s how it should work… learning from one another. Nowadays students may know many things we don’t and it is relevant to respect that in order to make tha class develop better.


    It is true that many teachers when we started a new cycle school don’t know how to perform in front of the students.
    Therefore it is important that there is a good relationship between pupil so that there is no problem and the student can learn without any problem.

  10. Michelle Noemi Castro Rengifo

    I remembered when I started to study at university over 3 months ago I was very nervous because I didn’t know anyone.
    It might be a good idea to understand the context about professors and students because sometimes people criticize to other people. Also people have problems.
    Remember that nobody is a perfect person.

  11. Mateo Reinoso

    I totally agree, for instance we have to understand is that every person is a different world, everyone (like you say) comes with different background and history so the fact that context affects educatiton is ttally true, context affects the way every singular learns, the speed of learning and stuff like that.
    Context and education are like fundamental parts of the process of formation and producing new subjects for society.
    Every context should be respected, but the fact that education can´t be given to every singular in different ways, education theories and models should be adapted to a wide range of contexts and with respect parameters.

  12. Fabio Arboleda

    The context in education is very important because it helps to understand the world as plural and diverse. It affects the learning process because everyone has something to give to the education process, a singularity that is unique in everyone, and that is given by each and everyones context.
    So I agree with you, everyones context is a basic part of the undertanding of education.


    It is normal for students to be scared on their first day because they do not know what people are going to relate to during their careers or teachers.
    You do not know where you live, what are your custom in general, this causes the students fear because they are not comfortable, this allows the teacher to see so many faces that can interpret what happens

  14. Andres Guaman

    In the case that we are teachers is important that no generalize the context but understand that every person have a way to see the world in a differebt way and their lives are not similar for this reason we try to motivate the guys and not only see the first apperance.

  15. I am totally agree with this text because sometimes our teachers doesn’t matter what happened in our daily life specially when you go to the university…I think that the context that every people have affect the way that how he/she learns because the teachers doesn’t know if the person is passing throught many problems and in classes he/she cannot pay attention because he/she is thinking about how to deal with their own problems and obviously the students have prioritys that is their own problems than study for the exam or as i said to pay attention to the classes. But I think that every each student have responsabilities and is mandatory that they have to deal with their own problems and study and the same time but I am not saying that the context that every student have don’t affects their learning way.


    My opinion on the blog, agrees with the creator of the content mentions. I feel that English is paramount not only academically, but when traveling to know cultures, establish communication, carry out basic activities such as eating and for this we need to know what each product is called. The English language is spoken in some countries but the problem originates when you do not know the type of English because according to the location, there is the British and the American, the pronunciation is very different and by reproduction when they speak of a form usually write in that same way. For students it becomes a challenge to study this language because the motivation they have is almost nil, it is true that they want to travel but the practice is not fundamental is classes and that causes that learning a foreign language is difficult, it is also because when a person is mistaken, the rest of the class only mocks, and this further discourages not wanting to speak in English.

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