Learning a foreign language has become an important issue today at different levels. More and more professionals are exposed to English when they have to do business and communicate with other countries; also, students are required to get information especially from Internet and sometimes web pages in English pop up and even though they can use translation tools to get access to information, it is necessary to read and understand the real message that may be altered when translating a document.

Learning English implies learning the culture in which this language is spoken. This aspect permits students understand language in a better way by using the cultural context of foreign countries in examples in class. The way people celebrate a birthday, the way families have a special dinner or simply what students do in universities are topics that may get students interested in learning a language. This step implies that students need to be involved in a cultural space in order to have a meaningful learning of it.

On the other hand, to understand a different cultural context may not be as simple as it seems because students may not be able to have a clear picture of a context that has many different representations. Students would find hard to understand cultural expressions based in specific circumstances from other spaces. The weather, for example, makes people express feelings and adopt attitudes according to a specific time of the year that is totally different in our country, and make students understand examples from school books related to weather and customs could be a pain in the neck for teachers.

Considering this information, we can say that learning English is now a must in our society, but it is also a big challenge for students. They try to learn English in a context that does not use English and it is sometimes the main reason that makes students feel less motivated to the learning process. Now, the question is WHAT TO DO?

Mixing experiences when learning English is a good alternative in class, in other words, learning from my context and learning from another context. This would be applied when teachers provide students with real examples from their context and expose them to examples from other contexts that would be easy to understand considering they live in a different context. It is like comparing two different cultures in order to find out similar aspects and different aspects. It will help students create a mental picture of what people do in other countries as well as making them visualize that we perform same activities, too. By comparing two contexts, the purpose is not to create a kind of a “competition” between two cultures, but the aim is getting the most significant information from both societies in order to provide students with meaningful activities that will help them learn a different language in an effective way.



    I am agree with you because i considerate that in this age the english is a necessity, you need english for everything that you are going to do, for example: for a job, in the school, university or maybe for a trip. I think that the best way to learn english is traveling, learning new cultures, meeting new people, etc. but remember you don´t learn english using always dictionary or google translator for example you have to speak, writte and think in english if you want to learn.

    • Patricio Lopez Logacho

      Think in english is for sure one of the best ways to learn it. It demands a little effort and dedication, but results will change the way you see english learning.


    I am agree with you because i considerate that in this age the english is a necessity, you need english for everything that you are going to do, for example: for a job, in the school, university or maybe for a trip. I think that the best way to learn english is traveling, learning new cultures, meeting new people, etc. but remember you don´t learn english using always dictionary or google translator for example you have to speak, writte and think in english if you want to learn.

  3. Estefanía Yánez

    In this text he mentions about the influence it has English students in already that mentioned us that the English language should be implemented is from the very beginning that starts the academic shekel since arriving at higher levels students reflect the inadequacy of the language which is generated a great problem for language development. What transmits to us if the text is that while small we are better to capture another kind of language in which we develop our motricidades.

    • Patricio Lopez Logacho

      Yes…. the sooner you start learning english, the better results you get. Learning english at early ages should be a must for every student.

    • Raquel Flores

      El text is interesting already that this important to know the English language and necessary to practice constantly but since small.
      for example: read, write and interact in English, but should not be an obligation to know English because it is hard and this is not our native language.

      • Patricio Lopez Logacho

        I agree. English is not our language, but on the other hand, mostly everithing we consume comes from english-language societies, I mean, movies, products, food, clothes, social networks. So, what would be an alternative for that?

  4. Sara Shiguango

    Since the development of the internet, there has been an increase of sources of information and many of this data are created in another language like English. If you want to have to access to this information the better way is to learn English and this is especially useful if you are studying or you only want to learn interesting things about other culture. According to this idea, it is very necessary to develop our skills related to the comprehension of English language. I think a good way to facilitate the development of this knowledge is, for example, subscribe to a Youtube channel where topics related to the English’s learning are reviewed. Finally, I think that to write in English like in the case of this comment is another way to practice and to learn.

  5. Michelle Noemi Castro Rengifo

    I think students need to feel more motivate about learn english because it´s an universal language.
    Maybe we could study more english to understand different contexts.
    What about taking an english classes?
    Because sometimes students use google translator and it is bad for them.
    Students must be studied english to compare examples for our contexts.

      • belensita juma

        Not every teacher but is important because if they have a foreign student to teach and if they dont know, how they can explain all the things and work well, if you dint know always is difficult yo work if you dont know

  6. mishel

    It is necessary to take into account that in English it is one of the most used languages in the world as well as to make the future professionals accept to take English classes, as it would help them to be more independent to be able to conduct business and to communicate with several individuals who practice this Language, since it is a necessity in our society and one of the most efficient obstacles of students in wanting to learn this language.

  7. Lelsye Cunalata


    Knowledge of a foreign language is a basic necessity for professionals. Need, not help, or complement. Today to succeed in professional life and make our lives easier, it is important to start studying or improving our level of English. Simply because English is the universal language spoken, read and written in many parts of the world.

    Nglés is a great tool that helps a lot to have greater competitive advantages and be better prepared than others, a good way to improve our education and that of course, will open many doors in our lives and help us in many ways such as communication with people Foreign and in business.

  8. Fabio Arboleda

    I agree with you because english has become very important for people that have jobs but also for us students because of what you say, researches and new data about education usually come in english and if we only use translator, we are never going to learn it and we are not going to be competitive.
    So yes, english is a priority and learning it is very important for us in actual times.

  9. Mateo Reinoso

    I agree with you because for me, talking about English as something we can afford not learning is off the table now, English is a top priority for everyone now, it gives us the basic level of comunication with the rest of the world.
    As educators, we have to learn English, we have to understand it and speak it because mos of the papers and new studies in our field are obviously written in english, and if we don´t know english, how are we expecting to be competitive or to be innovating.
    So yes, its a top priority, its totally a must-do knowledge and a basic requirement for us.

  10. Joselyn Jácome

    I agree with you because know and understand English its not only some basic but also is necessary for know and comunitcatte with other peolple not only in our country but also in the rest of the world.
    Learn English is hard and it demands effort and dedication but at the end it brings good results in our live.

  11. Gabriela Jinez

    I think that it´s really important and also it´s a good way that compare two contexts , and I think that it could help us understand all around us , and specially if we talk about a foreing language so I think that every teacher could use this way, so if they used this not only learn a foreing language could we easy it could be attractive and every student will be motivated to learn another language in special English.

  12. belensita juma

    It’s also important to meet new languages, to meet new countries and new people, to know the cultures of the differents cities and countries, also to do some bussiness, in the present is useful to learn this language to learn more about a lot of things taht you dont now. I am learning this language for a long time, and I know that is very important to do a lot of things, here in this country coing to visit foreing visiters that want to know our cultures and we have to learn differents languajes to communicate with them


    I think that the english is important in the world, because is necesary for study, work, especially to communicate in other countries, Every time is fundamental in everything we do everyday
    The english in ocations is very difficult maybe because no know the significate the word what seeing , But in the end we ended up learning by obligation or because we like

  14. Alison Simbaña

    I’m agree with the idea about importance of the english in the labor and student field because need english to business, studies and others works. All schools, universities or jobs should encourage its members to learn english and other languages succeed, but we must remember that to learn english theoretically is not enough because a language is learned by putting our knowledge into practice with other people about differents and as the text says, knowing the context.

  15. Andres Guaman

    It’s really important to know another language nowadays because when we need information we could find it in english for example. For this reason it’s important that students in specially universities have a big knowledge about another language because it give us more oportunities in specially when we look for a job.

  16. When I was reading this text, I had realize that how important is to adquire the english knoweledge for the students because nowadays the English idiom is necessesary in order to improve our life style for example we can work in other countries and also meet an other cultures and then we can feel a culture shock and in this way we can obtain more knowledge that we had it in the past. But I think that the present education in Ecuador don’t have the best ways for teach new languages because they are not able to explain the languages with their own cultures that’s why the students still have problems with their idioms knowledge.


    In the article presented, the teacher spoke about the importance of learning English language, because it is important in different levels of education, as in professionals who do business with foreign countries. The majority of pages that people consult are in English and not in Spanish. The students should not translate in the web because the information can be different. A recommended way to learn English is through own and foreign experiences, through real examples from different contexts and cultures. The learning ability of a student also depends on the context from which they come, as well as the planning and teaching method of the tutor.
    In conclusion, the objective of education is contribute to society with the ability to govern others and don not be governed, because of thanks to their level of education can respond to any situation.

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