Evaluation – a big challenge for education.


Most of the time, students and teachers consider evaluation as a hard, complicated, weird task. Teachers may use evaluation in a way that shows control or punishment in a noisy class; and students, however, expect never to face an evaluation. So, it is a delicate topic that education should consider in a serious way in order to get the best of it. Evaluation implies measurement and a process of making decisions the right moment a teacher has this valuable source of information.

2 thoughts on “Evaluation – a big challenge for education.

  1. Fátima

    Evaluation is very important in the live for students and teachers, our learning is in control for help us or learn more in any aspect. It can be very hard in some cases or also depending on the teacher. It is very important that new evaluation tools are used to improve the quality of education

    • Patricio Lopez Logacho

      Totally agree. Besides, new alternatives should be hand to hand with technology. Do you think it would be possible…???

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