Karina, Eduardo, Emilia, Diana, Diego, Pablo, Leidy, Karol, Michelle, Alisson and Cristopher are students in General Didactics here at Salesiana University. We discuss topics related to methodology and techniques for improving the learning process in schools. Today, I’ve made a question…

What do you understand as learning?

All of them consider that motivation is important when developing the learning process. It means that the person who in in charge of it must know students`needs in order to satisfy them.

Using approppriate techniques is relevant because not every student has the same learning pace. Sometimes we should think about the facth that we are  facing individuals with so many different ways to learn and the school pretends to teach all of them inm the same way, which is not possible.

Once we know our students’ differences, then we can use the correct method, technique and instrument to make sure that we are insde a learning process that makes pupils grow in terms of knowledge.